Slay the Night, Not Your Morning: How To Avoid A Hangover

Slay the Night, Not Your Morning: How To Avoid A Hangover

Ah, the notorious hangover––the unwelcome guest that crashes the morning after the party, leaving you questioning your life choices and clutching your throbbing head like it's the last surviving relic of your dignity. People hate hangovers more than they hate Monday mornings, and that's saying something. Hangovers are the universe's way of reminding us that for every night out on the town, there's a price to pay––and that price is usually paid in Advil, gallons of water, and promises to ourselves that next time we'll stick to water.

Drink less alcohol

Limit the amount of alcohol you consume. This is the easiest solution albeit the least fun as well. The less alcohol you drink, the less likely you’ll suffer any of the consequences of being drunk. If you don’t want to drink less, but still want to moderate your drinking, you can also space out your drinks to avoid rapid consumption. This can make a good night last longer and help you avoid hunching over a toilet the next morning. 

Drink more water

Hydrating is the real MVP of adulting––because nothing says "I've got my life together" like drinking enough water to keep your organs singing in harmony instead of begging for you to drink anything other than another Diet Coke. Drinking water before, during, and after a night out can change the game. Alcohol dehydrates your system, which is what causes all of those gnarly hangover symptoms you want to avoid in the morning. A great life hack is to alternate between alcoholic bevs and water so you have an equal amount in your system and it cancels out like PEMDAS. 

Eat your heart out

Carb-loading isn’t just for gym buffs. Eating a substantial meal before consuming alcohol can help slow down the absorption of alcohol in your bloodstream. And eating while drinking can actually further mitigate the effects of alcohol and reduce the risk of a hangover. So, next time someone suggests a Taco Bell run after you wrap up at the bar––take them up on it! Treat yo self to some tacos and a crunchwrap; you earned it. 

Chances are you won’t make it through life without ever being hungover. It’s part of exploring your relationship with the party-scene and learning your limits. When you inevitably down one too many green tea shots or the vodka crans fight back, HungovrAF is here for you. Keep your HungovrAF cap in the freezer and it’ll be your bestie for all the mornings after. So go forth, drink responsibly, and know that HungovrAF has got your back when you wake up.

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