Late-Night Lifesavers: Where To Satisfy Your Drunk And Hungry Cravings

Late-Night Lifesavers: Where To Satisfy Your Drunk And Hungry Cravings

Everyone knows about the munchies and, dare I say, stoners aren’t the only group adversely affected. Who hasn’t become ravenous after a few hours on the dance floor when the amaretto sours hit? Unfortunately for all the professional partiers out there, last call comes after most restaurants are closed. But not all of them! Here are the top five best fast food joints to swing by before you end your night.





McDonald’s fries, Sprite, and a Big Mac have the same hangover healing properties as 12 hours of sleep. The drive-thru here will always have your back. Just make sure to have a sober driver coordinate your journey. 

Taco Bell

The absolute godsend. Taco Bell Baja Blasts and Cheesy Gordita Crunches make the world go ‘round. Chances are there’s a 24-hour location near you. Open Google Maps and start your late-night trek for sustenance. 


The Pancake Palace where you can find hickory-smoked bacon strips, buttermilk biscuits, and crispy chicken and waffles all in the wee hours of the night. (And don’t forget the whole IHOb fiasco their PR team went through to remind you they have burgers on the menu too.)


The world could end and the last restaurant standing would be a Denny’s. The chain stays true to its 24-hour motto and serves breakfast classics all day (and night). Whether it’s New Year’s Eve or Thanksgiving Day, Denny’s is open on all holidays so you’ll be covered no matter what day or when you leave the club.

Waffle House

The O.G. 24-hour establishment. Even in the throes of the pandemic you could count on Waffle House’s doors to be open. Here you can get the Southern breakfast food you need to fill the greasy hole in your heart whether it’s when you’re starting or finishing the night. 

These late-night haunts have got your back when the midnight munchies strike. Just like how HungovrAF will have your back the next morning. Enjoy your hangover-less morning!


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